FORMANDO FUTURO, 1st International Exhibition on Training for Employment is a global benchmark event for institutions, companies and professionals involved in carrying out and developing training in the workplace.

FORMANDO FUTURO has been launched by the State Foundation for Training in Employment (Fundae), and the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) to explore the role and challenges of training for employment and serve as a platform to discuss about innovative methodologies and training programmes that will enable the training ecosystem to successfully address these challenges.

It will also pave the way for international collaboration frameworks to coordinate actions and improve the response capacity that society demands from Vocational Training for Employment (CVET).

That is why the 45th Technical Committee Meeting of the ILO/Cinterfor will be held between the 16th and 18th of November 2021 within the framework of FORMANDO FUTURO, gathering the main decision-makers, stakeholders and regulators of vocational training in Latin America and the Caribbean, to discuss the role of training for a sustainable and inclusive recovery.

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Who is behind FORMANDO FUTURO?

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FORMANDO FUTURO will be a unifying and unique event that will raise people’s awareness of the social relevance of vocational training for employment and to project its mission into the future:

In addition to the institutions that promote the event (Fundae, SEPE and ILO/Cinterfor), FORMANDO FUTURO is also supported by social partners (CEOE, CEPYME, CCOO, UGT and CIG) and major COMPANIES in our country, as well as the most important ASSOCIATIONS in the field of training for employment and human resources.

What are the goals?

The framework and aspects described above are a unique opportunity to organise a significant event with an international dimension to:

  • Disseminate innovative projects that act as a lever in promoting training.
  • Encourage new initiatives to contribute to the development of training.
  • Raise awareness among institutions, companies, and professionals regarding the different training solutions on the market.
  • Encourage contact and collaboration between the heads of the Latin American and Caribbean institutions that will participate in ILO/Cinterfor 45th Technical Committee Meeting, which will be held within the framework of FORMANDO FUTURO, and with the partners of the CVET sector present at the trade show.
  • Highlight, position, and project CVET as a key factor in creating workers’ skills and promoting competitiveness in companies.
  • Promote the acquisition of knowledge and the exchange of best practices from an international perspective.
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